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If you have a question about the comic, the characters or anything else which is not listed below, feel free to email me at minty_zorofan@hotmail.com> :D

How do you make your pages?
For the most part, I do everything digitally. I may occasionally start out with a sketch on paper, but usually I draw it in with photoshop. I do this mostly because of the clean lines I get. Also the fact that I can separate sections of the picture(s) with different colors and layers. The toning is done with pre-made tone packs or self made by playing around with brushes (such as the texture of the frog plush)

What program(s) do you use?
Most of my stuff is done in photoshop CS4, although I do also use Illustrator occasionally for smooth lines or logos. For typesetting I use InDesign for superior text quality.

Where did you learn to use this stuff!
I'm working towards a degree in graphic design. While I did learn the majority of photoshop on my own, I learned the rest of my knowledge in it, as well as my knowledge in illustrator and InDesign, through classes I have been taking at my college.

Where to you get your tones/brushes?
The screen tones I use I got thanks to enjelicious giving me a tip to go to http://screentones.deviantart.com. There's also BG images there, such as houses, buildings, trees, etc. My brushes on the other hand come from absolutely everywhere. While I typically get them from deviantart, I also like to get them from places such as http://www.brusheezy.com. I like getting brushes from DA and brusheezy since they both have good quality, free brushes :> Another thing I like to collect which comes in handy is font. If you browse through http://www.dafont.com you will find what you're looking for and more.

Can you teach me some things about the programs?
Umm... I'm not the best of teachers but I can probably find/make a tutorial if need be? Or if it's simple enough I could probably just give a quick explaination, idk.

Where did/do you get your inspirations from?
Honestly? Just about EVERYWHERE. It mostly depends on what the subject is, though. I might get different ideas for storylines from other comics/stories, holidays, television, I've even gotten ideas from conversations with friends and family (even the random/seemingly unimportant ones) It's just a matter of taking an idea and playing around with it so it has your own unique style. Just remember, stealing someone's idea is wrong. It's okay to work off of someone elses idea, just not to copy it! :)

Who would you consider to be your greatest idol?
Hmmm... that's a tough one. I have many artists/authors I admire for different reasons, so I guess I'll just narrow it down to my top 2. I'd have to say one of the people at the top of my list of 'idol-dom' would be Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece. His story lines and characters, while fantasmic and imaginative, still carry a humanistic and believable aura. It's given me more of a drive to think out my story lines carefully and to make sure that I do not go overboard on comedy or drama (something I was horrible about in the past) Another person who really inspires me is Motomi Kyousuke, the author of Dengeki Daisy & Beast Master. I really love how they show romance as something sweet and true, but at the same time can make you laugh 'till you piss your pants. I highly suggest you read Dengeki Daisy, you'll see what I mean. But yeah, that's another trait I really want to incorporate into Cat Crazy: making romance without it ALL being about romance. Gotta add action, adventure, and humor to make a good blend!

Do you base any of your stuff off of real life?
Yes, actually I do a few of the details are actually based off of people/things in my life. For example, the character of Leah (appearing later) is actually based off of a friend of mine in real life! Another example is the name of Maurine's mother, 'Selene' is actually based off of my own mother's name, 'Serena'. Isn't my Mommy name pretty? <3 I might set up a little trivia page later on which tells about facts, points out easter eggs, etc where all this stuff will be revealed. (and trust me, I plan on hiding lots of easter eggs in here ;) )

Do you have a cat?
Honestly? No. I had two cats when I was about 4, but they ran away when I was still young. So I don't really remember that much about them. It didn't help much that my Mom's allergic to cats too. For the most part I grew up with dogs. I've had 4 dogs throughout my life (2 currently), so I guess you could call me a dog person, haha. I do like to cuddle cats though, especially soft sweet ones like a cousin of mine had. They keep your lap warm in winter. <3 My dogs have really been inspiring to the story though, something you'll see when it comes time for Rio and Leah to show up.

Why do you take so long between updates?
Because I am a pathetic little derp :V

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~More to come later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~