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Maurine has given up on fairy tales.

After suddenly losing their mother, Maurine and her brothers were all but abandoned by their heartbroken father. Now living with their grandmother, they have to pretty much fend for themselves. With no one else to turn to, Maurine finds comfort in her cat, Sam. With a silent ear to listen to her troubles, it helps her to feel more at peace- or at least that's how it used to be!

Four years pass before their absent father sends a package for the siblings from Africa, a present for each inside. That night, as Maurine sleeps, Sam begins investigating her present. Within moments, Maurine is suddenly awakened by a flash of light engulfing Sam, but before she can react, the light fades to reveal a human -and very naked- Sam standing before her!
Now Maurine and her younger brother Nicholas are in the cover-up of a lifetime as they try to hide Sam's secret all while teaching him about the human world. But as time goes on, it seems that maybe Sam is teaching them a bit about life as well.

A fairy tale with a twist- Cat Crazy!